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Articles and tracts listed below can be accessed by simply clicking on the title. They in PDF formats.

THE WORD, blog articles:

Current Article

Prayer Meeting Messages:  The Bible Storyline - Hesed Love - 1 John - 1 Peter

The Word Arcive in a single pdf file


1. The Doctrines of Grace - 2. Scripture Proofs to the Doctrines of Grace

3. The Love of the Truth - 4. Baptist Odyssey - 5. I Believe the Bible

6. Standing on the Promises - 7. Coming to Christ - 8. Does God Love Sinners?

9. No Creed but the Bible? - 10. Calvinism and Evangelism

11. Dying To Self - 12. The Perseverance of the Saints

13. The Voice of Jesus - 14. The Lord’s Prayer - 15. The Apostasy

16. Should Christians Celebrate Easter - 17. You Will Probably Not Consider This

Our Pastor’s Book, Predestined for Heaven? Yes! In pdf format

Radical Calvinism, a review of Predestined to Heaven? Yes! by Robert Sumner

The Author’s Response to Radical Calvinism